After 15 years of fashion design, in 2013 Shoe Serender - by Murat HIDIR title, in 2015 Shoe Co. Serender STI title with healthy, good quality, continues to produce the way for modern shoes. Serender produce special shoes SHOE customers with their own designs. A total of 500 m2 and began design work in the sector to make a name given to quality and value. Highly qualified team of pioneering applications and many years of experience with high quality products with an annual production capacity of 120,000 pairs service is available. As R & D department, we also welcome the new season with new designs. Our designs, Murat H is specially prepared by our customers. Serender shoe closely follows trends in the fashion world. Continuously improving our quality of products and services, to meet customer demands and expectations in the best way in Turkey we aim to be respected and trusted organization.

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